Toys Town

thumb_miasto_zabawekToys town is permanent exhibition which presents the most precious and the oldest toys from  the museum’s collection. The audience can see for example: the oldest wax doll from XVIII century, porcelain dolls produced in famous European companies in the turn of the century, tiny porcelain dolls, little doll’s suites, copper pots, cookers or doll’s rooms. Every boy surely will enjoy lead toy soldiers, metal fire-fighting vehicle, rocking-horse covered  with calf leather or stone bricks.Toys live in fairylike town full of stylish block of flats, paved roads and stars constellations above. City sounds coming from loudspeakers complete whole picture and create special atmosphere too.

The shop windows with toys inside illuminate when visitor comes near. The exhibition is enriched with optical theatre – a special room dedicated for magical lantern. Computers and screens show the how the magical projectors worked and the manner of watching  of this kind of shows 100 or 200 years ago. Toys workshop is at the end. It is a space filled with replicas of old toys which children can play with -play Peg Solitaire – a board game – puzzle or one person, dispose old toys image puzzles, set up a tower from the stone bricks, manufacture a teddy bear or even drive a retro style fire-engine.