Toys from Polish Cooperatives

Undoubtly one of the biggest hits of PRL (People Republic of Poland) era toys were that manufactured in the Cooperatives. Since 2009 in our Museum you could visit the exhibition „Made in Poland”.

Because our collection is Poland’s largest collection of toys made in cooperatives, we decided to organize another exhibition devoted to this subject.
It includes exhibits reflecting everyday items (stoves, pieces of furniture, telephones, kits for DIY, cooking), head and dies, semi-finished products for making toys, as well as interest, which, although they meet all criteria ever to market the toy is not entered, the remaining prototypes. We also show books very popular in that era, that are now renewed and are very popular. Provided there is also a mini television and reading corner, where children and adults are able to watch a movie about the history of Polish cooperative toy, as well as read.