The models

The model collection is an integral part of the collection in our institution. Flying, swimming and riding models made of cardboard and plastic are included to the collection.

Anyone can be a modeler. As well the young children as their grandparents are dealing this labor-intensive hobby.

The most precious exhibits are the boatbuilding micro-models made by Władysław Herbuś from Kielce. He is six-times world champion in ship-modeling in the class C-4 (1:250 scale model and smaller, models from basis). The most frequently awarded model is the ORP „Lightning” (a world championship in the years 1987, 1989, 1991).


The author of the second collection of modeling is Jerzy Kuzka from Kielce, who had glued together and painted with great care each of every 50 plastic aircraft models in 1:72 scale.

There are jet aeroplanes, gliders and school models. On two cardboards Jerzy Kuzka has painted… Witch on broomsicks.

The third collection consists 20 carton sailing ships made by Rafał Polak: models folded and glued together from prefabricated elements.

samolot-modelThe author treats making sailing ships and other buoyant elements as a good fun and interesting way of spending free time. You can spend up to 12 hours a day building a model. These works truly reflect the nature of the original, they are hand-painted by author. The most interesting among these are: Swedish royal ship „Vasa”, „Amerigo Vespucci” and „Dar Młodzieży”(the gift of youth).