History of Museum

What connects the Children’s Health Center in Warsaw and the Museum of Toys and Play in Kielce? What toys could be seen on the first show? How many seats had the Museum of Toys and how did they look like? Where is the farthest place which exhibits from Kielce museum traveled to? Who had designed posters, folders and what museum owes to the National Union of Toy Cooperatives? The Museum of Toys and Play invites for travel in time. The exhibition ‘The history of one museum’ documents the history of the institution.

There are in the showcases placed in the museum lobby some toys produced in the toys cooperatives. They could be seen on the first exhibition in the history of museum, in December 1979. There are also foundation papers, photographs from exhibitions, models, plaques and folders. Reprints of the posters from exhibitions and events organized by the museum are placed on a special round bill-post. Above all ‘dominates’ the standard of the National Union of Toy Cooperatives, which the Museum of Toys was founded with in 1979.

Also can be seen a models of all previous seats of the museum: the granary at the Zamkowa Street, an office building at Kościuszki Street and modern market place at Wolności Square. The attraction of the exhibition are distributed leaflets with fragments from the ‘Appeal to the society’ created by a committee of  the honorary organization at the museum.

The exhibition is accompanied with a documentary film about the history of the museum, directed by Dominik Rakoczy.